You can find my office at 175 Walcott St Mount Lawley, which is where I hold one-on-one sessions and host some workshops. 

There is parking available on the street, with the exception of 4:15 to 6pm weekdays when it is a clearway. 

If you have an appointment or ticket to a workshop please enter down the hall. However the office is not staffed outside of appointment hours so please direct any other inquiries via the contact form

Yes, if we are a good fit, but tell me more about your event via my contact page. I am open to collaborating with other practitioners in the mental health, wellness and personal development fields, and developing workshops for organisations such as high schools, health care providers and agencies.

No, sorry if you were hoping for a simple answer from me. But I will help you discover answers for yourself. I do not offer solutions to your problems but through the art we explore your own creative ideas and come to your own conclusions. 


I will not interpret your art or diagnose what is ‘wrong’ with you. In art therapy, you decide your meaning for your artwork. I may ask you questions about the artwork but I don’t judge your skill or make assumptions about you. It is a tool for your own self-awareness which you may keep private. 

Creative Catalyst operates as a private practice and is not a member of these insurance schemes. 

If you are looking for a lower cost entry to art therapy, consider trying the open Perth Creative Art Therapy group or subscribe to email updates to find out about special workshops and events. Group workshops are typically less expensive than one-on-one sessions, although the tailored focus in individual sessions can be highly effective. 

Art therapy applications are broad – complementary therapy, mental health, personal development. 

I keep my current specialisations updated on this page. If you are not sure that this matches you or want more information, book an introductory call and we can discuss your requirements. 

How lovely that you are considering the needs of your child. Unfortunately, while I work with ‘inner children’ I do not work with children (under 13 years old). I do have clearance (working with children checks) as required for my work with teenagers but it’s a professional choice at this stage to focus on adolescents and adults. 

How considerate of you to think of your friend! And thank you if you choose to share my site with them.

If you’re both new to art therapy, perhaps you could both come along to an open workshop together.

I work with a therapeutic and coaching combined model. That means that I help people who are working through mental health challenges as well as people who consider themselves to be pretty healthy but want more out of life. Art therapy is suitable for personal development and I have run many of these workshops with my Perth Creative Art Therapy group which is open to the public. 

Although there is no need to feel ashamed for having problems, whether they are big or small. I encourage people to seek help when they need it, and to support others who reach out for assistance. 

The Mount Lawley office is on a main road, centrally located in a suburb just north of the Perth CBD. 

If you are unable to come to a session at the office due to time, mobility or illness, I do have a travel art kit and can come to you. You will need to have a private space available and I can discuss these details over an introductory call. Note that my travel times are added to the fee and I limit travel to the Perth area. 

For distance clients, online consultations are under development. Register your interest via the contact page. 

You’re never too grown up to play, to create and do art for fun. It may be a long time since you’ve had the opportunity but spare a moment for yourself, you might find you enjoy it just as much as the kids. 


No skill is necessary because art therapy is not about producing technically perfect artworks to display on a gallery wall and sell for a high price. Art therapy is about self-expression and self-awareness that comes from creating authentic art. As a beginner you might actually find it easier because you aren’t distracted by what you think you ‘should’ be creating. 

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