Group Art Therapy

Sharing insights with the group

You’re not the only one

Art therapy groups connect you to supportive people who are going through similar challenges. By sharing your struggles and insights the group learns from the different perspectives, feeling less isolated and getting helpful suggestions on what to do. 

Art therapy groups are usually organised around a theme, and can bring strangers together or work with existing teams such as in organisations. 

The Mount Lawley office has space to run workshops for up to 12 people, a travel art kit is used to bring supplies to other venues. 


Perth Creative Art Therapy Group


The Perth Creative Art Therapy Group started in 2016 as a way for people curious about art therapy to come along and try it. Events have been run covering personal development topics and how to cope with emotions. You can find the group on, now at almost 700 members. 


I came in not knowing what to expect and really enjoyed it. Also was surprised at how much I got out of it, very insightful.

J - workshop attendee

Really helpful! Thank you. I was really surprised how much I got out of it. I definitely now have some direction – action steps to take.

C - Workshop attendee

This was great! It’s funny because it wasn’t at all what I thought would come up, but it was very insightful and helpful, & loads of fun!

A - Workshop attendee

First time in a very long time that I have painted. I enjoyed it very much – dealing with emotions from past/present can be difficult and it has definitely helped me with dealing with some personal issues. Thanks.

T - Workshop attendee

I enjoyed your calm, positive and non-judgemental approach. Look forward to doing another class soon.

K - Workshop attendee

I feel less afraid to put my emotions and thoughts out as art onto paper. Thank you for a relaxing and non pressurised, encouraging approach. Great questions!

R - Workshop attendee

Workshops & Collaborations


Creative Catalyst collaborates with other organisations to provide art therapy workshops. Workshop themes can be tailored to the needs of the group:

  • Demonstrating how art therapy works and could help your client group (e.g. for clinics, practitioners working with specific health issues)
  • Combining art therapy with other activities (e.g. meditation)
  • Connecting people who have a shared experience (e.g. mental health outreach)

Workshops often run one to two hours, giving enough time for the group to participate in art making and discussion. 


Get in touch to book your workshop